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In cooperation with our business partners, we constantly seek out cutting-edge processing methods. The daily work of machines and technologies is fundamental, but it is always subordinated to the role of people.

Qualified and skilled experts make every day something that is called passion about their experience, commitment and, with little-added value. Investing in style, design, and state of the art technology for advanced processing methods is who we are.

Global manufacturers representation

Our strengths are our specialist business experts who set up offices, factories or subsidiaries in different forms abroad, from individual agencies to joint ventures and even acquisitions.

This group of experts with extensive international business experience, linguistic and cultural benefits makes our company more agile for expanding our international presence. We are very active in Eastern European countries, working closely with local manufacturers and assisting local industry leaders in various industries to find new global markets for their high-quality products. We offer a full range of services: From the market and competitive research to strategy, entry to the market, and all the way to direct or indirect local representations that ultimately find their final end-user destination.

International Distribution

- Working with foreign distributors: As we know that direct manufacturers presence overseas has a high-cost elements and challenges, such as lack of branding, personnel, training, compensation, margin, cultural background and many others should be highly considered.

- Here's our key expertise! As an expert International Export Brokers, we will find the best way to distribute your product to foreign countries, creating the right distribution strategy for your specific country. We will rebrand the products, find and select the right international distributors who have the fastest and simplest shipping and import experience for each particular market. These distributors help create and pass the production lines abroad only through marketing.

- Finding an excellent foreign distributor will take time and money, but an efficient international distributor can get revenue and profit in a fastest steady manner.



Whether launching a new brand or rebranding an existing brand, brand building and subsequent implementation are one of the company's most important aspects. Branding is much more than just a logo; it's an emotional catalyst that affects customers on the company or on your product line.

But this is also one of the most challenging exercises that a company or product can carry out.



  • Loyalty and advocacy - a strong brand will lead to customer recognition and loyalty. This loyalty creates brand advocates.

  • Provides growth environment - successful branding enables you to focus on a coherent picture of your marketing efforts.

  • Different from your competition - You can show why you are better than your competitors.

  • Large corporate equity - a well-established brand will allow you to earn more revenue if you decide to sell.


Branding Services Includes:  

  • Strategic Brief & Creative Design

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Development

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Corporate Identity

  • Web Design & Building

  • Social Media management


Marketing Activities as part of Branding services:

  • Marketing campaign management

  • Brand Implementation & execution

  • PR - public relations management

  • Event & Initiative Branding

  • Channel engagement​

Branding is a formula and we at Global Edge knows that formula

We Know How to Globalize it to the Edge!



In many cases, we see a "Brand" that plays a successful role in the local market, but unfortunately, we can simply understand that this is not the correct "Branding" or the design of foreign markets. Especially when we talk about East and West or different continents, languages, mentality, culture and many other aspects that we need to consider before new products reach the new market in a foreign country.


  • Reposition of the brand on the market and the minds of consumers - this is especially important for very competitive markets or new foreign markets.

  • Reinforce your target market - you can combine your brand and marketing into existing services for current demographics.

  • The company's distance from controversial connotations - if reputation management and improvement are simply not enough; allows you to keep up with all the knowledge that you have received by providing a fresh image to the public.

  • Connect with new demographic data - Has your demographic situation changed over recent years? Rebranding is imperative to bridge the gap.



Brands love consistency, but now and still they need a little facelift. These small changes that they like keep them relevant, fresh and unique.

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