Global Edge Sourcing LTD 

Our firm was established in 2017 as a privately owned company with its head in the centre of Israel. We have our regional representatives in the USA, Central & South America and Eastern European countries. We are the official distributor of leading steelworks and wood manufacturers. Our main business is the sale of various steel and wood products worldwide, mainly to steel mills, machining shops, steel processing facilities and more.

We prioritize quality over quantity of our services, complete tools and wide product portfolio so that our business partners stay with us for the long run.

Our management team
Michael Rozentov
Boris Gelfand


Senior Executive, with over 20 years of global management experience. Management experience, development of market-oriented market strategies and growth of distribution channels in international markets. After 4 successful years at Xerox Corporation in Israel, Villy has moved to Mexico and Brazil as a country Business Executive Director for total five years. In the last three years in Xerox, Villy has held a position of General Manager Channels of 160 developing countries. He is also part of the real estate and high-tech companies and investment groups in the US, Romania and Belarus, and is always looking for new opportunities to take advantage of it. Villy, CEO of Global Edge Sourcing has a vision to: “Become a worldwide market player by connecting  our manufacturer partners products with the Global Market.”

Over 25 years of management design in the field with strong leadership background, strategy and portfolio planning experience. Prior to the joining of “J.E.G”, Michael led the strategy and innovation for leading the design projects, director of ROZ studio, who has been involved in local and international design projects, using the most advanced technological tools in the market. The well-known work of the ROZ studio includes all business sectors in the field of art and architecture, design of the urban city and exhibition in the media, advertising, institutional and much more.

Based on his extensive experience, Michael plays a vital role in corporate development and Branding / Rebranding Global projects.

Over 20 years of leadership experience as an outstanding senior executive. Boris has been the director and project manager for many Israeli and international projects in the real estate, television, and show business sectors. He was also the Co-founder of entrepreneurship and investment projects and partnerships that devised architecture and lighting design. In addition, Boris has played a key role in launching a biotech startup and design initiatives in Israel.

Today, Boris strongly focused on real estate investments in the Belarusian market and constantly new business opportunities for the development of Global Edge.

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